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Donald Sutherland

Conflict resolution in small and medium sized business

Conflict is normal. Every business is built with different personalities, perspectives, values, and ways of doing things. Resolving discord will free all talents and create new levels of commitment, relationships, and teamwork. Allowing anger to simmer, fester and grow can destroy a business.

About MeAbout Me

I have the skills to assist principals and their teams to capitalize on differences, turn them into strengths, and return joy to their work.

I am a life-long learner, skilled listener, intuitive, and respectful with significant experience as an entrepreneur and as an employee at a professional level. I am proficient with processes that resolve conflict, create trust, remove masks, restore relationships, and build teams.

Training and Experience

University Education

MBA University of Toronto
BSA University of Saskatchewan
BEd University of Saskatchewan


Myers Briggs Personality Indicator – Calgary, Alberta, 1988
Conflict Resolution Certificate – Justice Institute, British Columbia, 2002
Restorative Justice Training –  Canadian Mennonite University, Winnipeg, 2009-2012
Practical Workshop Facilitation Skills – University of Winnipeg, 2012

Regular Contributor

The Prairie Messenger newspaper
Wholife magazine

Business Experience

Federated Cooperatives Ltd. Winnipeg Branch – Human Resource Department Manager
Economic Council of Canada, Productivity Branch – Developed management training for 
          owner/managers of manufacturing enterprises in Calgary and Edmonton
Government of Canada, Department of Employment and Immigration – Chief of
          Employment Development, Prairie Region
PAR Consultants, Saskatoon
– career counsellor, mediator, personal coach.
Owner and operator of a grain farm, Eston, Saskatchewan

My Preferred Process

Meet with the principal or principals for a briefing about the history and nature of the conflict, identify resolution participants, outline processes, estimate time and cost, and clarify your goals - followed by a pause to allow each of us to decide whether or not to proceed.

Interview each of the resolution participants, including spouses or partners, depending on their connections with the business. A very important precaution is to defer discussion about the conflict, with your conflict resolution group, until communication guidelines or “rules of the road” are developed and agreed upon.

When we are ready, we will begin sharing ideas about the conflict and explore pathways to resolution. I favour the circle format which is holistic, encourages honest, and open discussion, removes hierarchy, and restores relationships. Everyone is provided space to speak. Everyone is respected and heard. The goal is to build your own conflict resolution agreement.

At the end of our time together, you will have the skills to constantly improve your teamwork and resolve future conflicts without my assistance.


ButterflyDonald Sutherland

6 1688 St. Mary's Road
Winnipeg, MB. R2N 1L8
204 254-1473

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